Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)

I cannot see the Star

1. I cannot see the star,
The clouds are black like coal,
Not thunder from afar
But bombed and burning oil:
A child You were in Bethlehem
But mine is gone; remember him.

2. Born in a rubbled cave,
Swords glinting in the night,
I heard the groaning slave,
The desperate urge to fight:
So many children died for me
And I for them; remember me.

3. I do not want the tree,
The sparkling lights, the snow,
But Your nativity
And its red afterglow
To help me bear my infant's tiny cross
Through life; remember loss.

4. The candles and the snow
Are harmless revelry
But I cannot forego
Encounter with the tree
To live my Father's love who reigns above
For all; remember love.