Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)

Christmas Eve Chorale

1. Thy servants await Thee, our Saviour divine,
The end of our vigil is surely at hand;
Like shepherds in darkness we wait for a sign
From angels announcing Your royal command:
We sing our song
In practice devout,
Against the good tidings
That banish all doubt.

2. Our Advent is over, Our our penitence full
Rewarded at last by the Birth of God's Son;
Like monarchs we lay our small gifts at Your feet,
The tokens of what Your salvation has done:
We praise Your name
On this blessed night,
Your Passion's first chapter,
Your Passion's respite.

3. We greet Thee, Lord Jesus, the source of all grace,
Thy birth sets in train our salvation at last,
And with festive vigour we worship Your name,
Renewed for the future secured in the past:
In Bethlehem rings,
The tomb's final victor,
Our new King of Kings.