Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)


1. I gave My Lord a manger for His bed,
A place where no-one else would lay their head:
I dared not think they would pay such a price
To bear a child amid the teeming lice.

2. I gave My Lord a lamb to pet and stroke
As tribute from simple and homely folk:
It would not grace my master's balance sheet,
Nothing but scraggy wool and stringy meat.

3. I gave a kingly ransom to My lord
To furnish His escape from Herod's sword:
My subjects will be proud to know they paid
So much to spare a child and His maid.

4. I gave My Lord bright nails and rough hewn wood
And wept at how my sin was cleansed in blood:
But now our hearts within each other beat,
Our love and sorrow twined so sad and sweet.