Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)


My soul lives in the greatness of the Lord
And rejoices in the Grace of my salvation
For He has rescued me from servitude
To be His servant queen for every nation.

All peoples for all time will call me blest
Not for myself but folded in His fame
Which unites heaven and earth in one dimension
To celebrate and glorify His name.

His strength and goodness compass all who love Him
Beyond the ancient strictures of the Law;
His mercy heals all earthly degradation
To liberate the sinful and the poor.

All earthly powers will crumble at his coming
And justice will prevail in every land;
The hungry will be fed, the weak will flourish,
The prostrate will receive the strength to stand.

The promise given to His chosen people
Extends to all the people on the earth
And I will serve them through my intercession
Because He made me fit to give Him birth.