Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)


1. Surely no earthly song was e'er so sweet
As Mary's rapture for her first-born son;
No wonder such as ever filled her heart
Since her consent to bear the Holy One.

2. Surely no earthly pipe was e'er so sad
As shepherd's dirge upon a Winter's night;
No wonder such as filled the starry sky
With joyful greetings from the angels bright.

3. Surely no earthly blast was e'er so sharp
As royal trumpets piercing the cold,
No wonder such as urged the monarchs on
To ratify the hope they had foretold.

  Sing mary, sing Mary
  Play pipe for Mary's song;
  Blow trumpet for the Holy One
  For Mary's song.

4. No song, no pipe, no trumpet e'er so grand
Was rich enough in its prophetic call,
No wonder such as ever filled the earth
As God made man come down to save us all.