Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)

Were There No Snow

1. Were there no snow,
Although we love its glitter,
Were there no shepherds
To hear the angels sing,
Were there no wise men
With presents bright and bitter,
God is our God
And Jesus is our King.

2. Were there no star
Shining above the stable,
Were there no stable
With cattle standing by,
Were there no history
But a pious fable,
Jesus was here
And reigns with God on high.

3. We love our crib,
Its holy ritual,
Hopeful, nostalgic,
Iconic and naive;
But were the comfort
Of the childlike visual
To be retracted
We would still believe.

4. Whatever fails
We live within the Father,
Whatever strikes
We live beside The Son,
Whatever palls
The Spirit never leaves us,
Nothing divides
The Godhead, Three In One.