Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)

Lord of All

1. Our enterprises rise and fall,
What once was grand reduced to dust;
Ambitions falter and then stall,
Sometimes deserved, sometimes unjust:
But You are still the Lord of All,
The single point for faith and trust.

2. Our costs inflate, our savings shrink,
Our valued ways are cast aside;
Yet we still care what people think,
Less tied to wisdom, more to pride:
But with You we will never sink,
Brought homeward on the gentle tide.

3. Time after time we fail to learn,
As optimism fades to grief,
Admitting wrong, we freely turn
To You for counsel and relief:
But when the fire begins to burn
We flee, abandoning belief.

4. Through all these failures You still stand,
Our faithful God resolved to love;
For Jesus came at Your command
In human form Your love to prove:
And now The Spirit, as You planned,
Lives with us here, The Sacred Dove.