Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)

Winter Light

1. When Winter light is overthrown,
Water to ice and branch to stone;
When light is flame on gleaming oak
Stars tears and clouds to cloak:
I know I need You then.

2. When bread and wine are sacrificed,
Manger to Cross and babe to Christ;
When flesh and blood quicken the soul,
Mother on donkey, Palmtide foal:
I think I know You then.

3. When stars and candles light the snow,
Shepherd's crook and And camel's shadow;
When kings are puzzled by Your mother,
Straw meets gold and wood meets myrrh:
I need to know You then.

4. Sower of seed, pruner of vine,
Bread more than gold, Myrrh mixed in wine,
Light of the world, Star of the Sea,
Starlight on snow at Calvary:
I know I love you then.