Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)


Cruel as the snow is beautiful
  The virgin carpet spreads before the virgin bride,
Cold as the wind is clinical
   It grimly ransacks treasured warmth from every side:

Yet deep within her heart she feels the pain
Of labour, love and loss she can't explain.

Harsh as the inn is welcoming,
   The outcasts pay above the tariff to get in;
Bare as the cave is comforting,
   She knows her first great love is destined to begin:

Yet in the darkness of the earthly hour
She feels her love, The Spirit, in His power.

So late the Spring this year,
So high the angel mission sent to earth;
So wild the joy of her Elizabeth,
So strangely comforting her nephew's birth:
And now the coldest Winter ever known
Has left her here alone;
But for God whose Son she has just borne
And the Spirit filling her this happy morn-ing.

Close as the star is distant,
   Its steady Pulse beats with the heart of Heaven above;
Red as the rose is white,
   It beckons with the purity of new found love:

Yet even as she wraps him in a fleece,
She knows this is the dying of her peace.