Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 1)

Outback Carol

1. I found a manger
In Bethlehem's outback;
I felt a hunger
For something in their looks;
I spied the danger
From the dust of distant trucks;
I was a stranger
But I seemed to bring them luck.

2. The tiny Saviour
Was sleeping in the shade
Of a makeshift shelter
That His father made;
His mother hovered
Quietly afraid;
She heard the whispers
Of a desperate raid.

3. Koalas gathered
In a nearby tree,
Kangaroos bounded
To see what they could see;
A wombat staggered
In sunlight blearily
And they all worshipped
The infant reverently.

4. A helicopter
Hovered then flew away.
They had all vanished
By the break of day.
The Baby Jesus
Was carried far away;
The Southern Cross glittered
To mark where He once lay.