Eucharistic Meditations


  1. Though earthly jurisdictions rise and fall
    The empire of the Eucharist prevails;
    Defying all detractors who predict
    Its lightening, then departure from the scales:
    Their reckoning a bogus calculation
    Which tries to count and measure our salvation.
  2. Where wealth and class distinctions still divide
    The power of the Eucharist unites;
    Though we may rank and order out of pride
    We are all humbly equal in these rites:
    There is no despot whose earthly decree
    Can order access to eternity.
  3. Where torture and oppression lacerate
    The ministering of the Eucharist is balm;
    Though victims suffer every form of hate,
    Allied with Christ they cannot come to harm:
    The martyrs rise as one to celebrate
    A new addition to their happy state.
  4. Where greed and hedonism suffocate
    The splendour of the Eucharist is supreme;
    The glittering prize its full observance brings
    By far surpasses any human dream:
    The needle's eye both beckons and frustrates
    But worthy pilgrims stream to Heaven's gates.
  5. Where Christian faction and dispute break out
    The Eucharist's centrality must stand
    Not as a shadow of a unique act
    But re-enacted by Jesu's command:
    No scriptural exegesis can abridge
    The integrity of this rite and privilege.
  6. Where eyes deceive in seeing earthly forms
    The elements of the Eucharist are divine,
    The body and the blood of Jesus Christ
    Dressed in the accidents of bread and wine:
    This is our empire's crest of liberty,
    The service to our God that sets us free.