Eucharistic Meditations


  1. I see the chalice shine
    Into eternity,
    The incalculable wine
    Distilled in charity:
    I watch the withering of the vine
    And sadly see the Autumn in decline.
  2. I feel Your body's weight
    In fragile bread,
    The unmeasurable state
    Of being truly fed:
    I watch the browning sunset stubble
    Warily looking out for Winter trouble.
  3. I watch Your love undone
    In scenario anthropology,
    Clouding the simplest text
    With combative theology:
    Although we are in thrall to quarrelling
    Your verdict is the promise of the Spring.
  4. I feel the Spirit's fire
    Even in ice,
    Incalculable desire
    Stripped of device:
    The Summer is forever in my heart
    Even when friends say it is time to part.