Eucharistic Meditations


  1. The glorious day when we shall see Your face
    Is but a hint of sun behind a cloud;
    The wondrous prospect of Your warm embrace
    Is barred by protestations of a crowd:
    Yet just the promise in a metaphor
    Gives ample strength for what we must endure.
  2. The swirling sands which sweep across our prayer
    Are fierce but tiny torments on the way;
    The sudden panic of the cold blank stare
    Says there is nothing but the empty day:
    These we accept as trials worth the price
    Of sharing in our glorious sacrifice.
  3. Outside the harbour of Your faithful church
    We sail uncertainly beyond relief
    But we are nothing if we do not search
    For treasure which outshines our own belief:
    And with the Spirit's noble, farther view
    May we bring home those once estranged from You.
  4. Above all else the Eucharist supplies
    Our daily nourishment of love sublime
    And with our Saviour's Cross before our eyes
    We can extend our hope beyond earth's time:
    And as we rise from every small defeat
    We feel our final resting place more sweet.