Eucharistic Meditations

Twenty Seven

  1. Eternal Sacrament,
    Love of my pleading heart,
    Delight of body, mind and soul,
    Within me yet apart:
    Clearer than any stream,
    Purer than any light,
    Presence and mystery beyond our human sight.
  2. Incarnate sacrifice
    That cannot flaw nor fade,
    Given first at supper with His friends
    The night He was betrayed:
    Keener than any grief,
    Sharper than any pain,
    Wilder than any hope, He died but rose again.
  3. Beloved Eucharist,
    Food for the starving soul,
    Alloyed with Your baptising gifts
    Restores and makes me whole:
    Stronger than any bond,
    Wider than any sea,
    Richer beyond all fortunes and yet vouchsafed to me.