Eucharistic Meditations


(For Maundy Thursday)

  1. Between betrayal and The Cross he stands
    To bless the bread and wine of His own self;
    Then breaks and pours and gives with His own hands
    The endless nurture of eternal wealth:
    What bread of mystery to help them pray; What heavenly wine that sent them all to sleep?
    Poor souls, we see Him better in our day
    Than they could see when they were His first sheep.
  2. Teach us to know the meaning of Your gifts,
    To see beyond their form to what they are;
    More than the rite that praises and uplifts
    But Your true self, our supernatural fare:
    And may we, be Your Sacramental home,
    Worthy of Your real presence in our breast;
    That, all our evils fought and overcome,
    We may within You take our final rest.