Eucharistic Meditations

Forty Five

  1. When I may plunge into My Saviour's life,
    How should I languish on the barren shore?
    When I am cleansed, and fitted for such love,
    How should I stroll aloof and pass His door?
    I have no life that is not Him in me,
    Electric in the sweetest mystery.
  2. When He has given all the food I want,
    How should I boast of my delicacy?
    And as His care for me is wonderful,
    How should I trifle with His constancy?
    All I must do is love Him and repent
    And He will be with me in Sacrament.
  3. O Sacred love, so perfectly enshrined,
    Life given twice for such a friend as me:
    Both in the Eucharist whose life shall never end
    And in His Sacrifice offered at Calvary
    And each in each, the victim and the priest
    Both live in me, the most within the least.