Eucharistic Meditations


  1. The worst day that the world has ever known
    Contained the best night there has ever been;
    What started as a Testament to love
    Became a senseless, gruesome, tragic scene:
    But what He gained in that grotesque endeavour
    He confirmed in the Eucharist forever.
  2. The saving Bread of Heaven, the sacred wine,
    Were offered in a sacrifice of peace,
    Their capture of His Body and His Blood
    Resulting in our infinite release:
    Graced with the Spirit in the upper room,
    Its transient symbol was the beckoning tomb.
  3. O Dearest Jesus, Your great sacrifice
    Of Your own Heavenly Flesh and Precious Blood
    Has left a Sacred Hostage for our sins
    We cannot free by any earthly good:
    Yet without Adam we would be constrained
    From labouring for what Your love regained.