Eucharistic Meditations


  1. The outward grace of gold and jewels,
    Familiar bread and wine,
    The linen cloths and vestments bright,
    The simple, rich design
    Must not obscure the treachery,
    The loneliness and pain,
    That our Lord Jesus underwent
    That we might live again.
  2. The noble Eucharistic prayers,
    The organ and the choir,
    Combine in ritual unity
    To humble and inspire
    But let us not forget the thorns, the nails and the lance,
    The broken bones bereft of clothes
    Won in a game of chance.
  3. And when we kneel to take the host
    And drink His precious Blood
    Remembering with gratitude
    What He did for our good
    Remember, too, this Sacrament
    Was born of boundless love
    Which, kneeling, we return in hope
    And thus, its virtues prove.