Eucharistic Meditations

Twenty Five

  1. We love Your saints and martyrs brave for witness of The Word,
    And for the stream of holiness unceasingly outpoured,
    And how the Holy Testaments triumphantly persist:
    But most of all we thank You for the Holy Eucharist.
  2. We love Your holy catholic church and its affirming creeds
    Which, through the Spirit's vigilance, supply our earthly needs;
    We venerate the power of all Your gracious Sacraments
    But of them we most venerate the sacred elements.
  3. God made creation in Himself and sent His Only Son
    To save us from ourselves and sent the Spirit - Three in One -
    But such magnificence of Grace though utterly divine
    Brings heaven to earth through God's Own Self veiled in the bread and wine.