Eucharistic Meditations


1. Sacred flesh daily broken,
Precious blood daily bled,
Comfort the detractors of your tokens
Of everlasting life in wine and bread:
More than a crumb for those who hate You,
More than a drop for those who do not care,
Food and drink enough for those who love you
And still enough to share.

2. Human flesh daily tainted,
Human blood daily thinned,
Stealthily tax our flickering resolution
To face our faults and You when we have sinned:
More than a glance for those we pity,
More than a word for those we would ignore,
More than enough to bless a simple living,
And plenty for the poor.

3. Flesh of God daily broken,
Blood of God daily bled,
Pray for the tortured and the torturers
Whose cruelties our silences have bred:
More than a signed petition for the victim,
More than a demonstration at the gate,
More than a pious word in Your direction
When we celebrate.