Eucharistic Meditations

Thirty Four

  1. The banquet of The Lamb is sent
    Down To His Church from Paradise
    And so we gather to repent
    Before we share The Sacrifice:
    Yet all our share is joy and praise,
    Inheritors of such great love,
    Called to be modest in our ways
    To merit life in Heaven above.
  2. How little we must undertake
    To taste the fruits so freely given
    When Jesus suffered for our sake
    That we might share the Bread of Heaven:
    Sorrow should be alloyed with joy
    In reverence to the thorns and nails
    Which could not weaken nor destroy
    Salvation where the human fails.
  3. Your flesh and blood so sweetly born
    Of Mary on that sacred night
    Were roughly bruised and cruelly torn
    And yet are symbols of Your might:
    Now consecrated to remind
    Us of that crucial Sacrifice
    And to pre-figure and portend
    Communion in Paradise.