Eucharistic Meditations

Forty Three

  1. How have I dared to love so much
    That love is now too high a price,
    Though You gave Peter holy keys
    And Priesthood in Your Sacrifice?
    Is it a proper part of love
    To mute my joy and give consent
    To theories that the Eucharist
    Is nothing much, though kindly meant?
  2. Is tolerance failing to express
    Belief that Your great Sacrifice
    Is lived again in bread and wine
    Transformed by words of Your device?
    Or shall we each use puny minds
    To understand and then decide
    The meaning of the words you said
    The day before You humbly died.
  3. O Shepherd who was yet The Lamb,
    O victim who was yet the priest,
    O simple bread and wine transformed
    Into the life The Tomb released:
    Just as You lived in human form
    And spilled Your blood unto the last,
    This is Our God alive today
    In Sacramental Eucharist.