Eucharistic Meditations


  1. The Maundy table decked with olive branches,
    For comedy and loyalty,
    And withering palm fronds from the recent triumph,
    For tragedy and royalty:
    Shine with the ancient light of martyrdom
    In unsure dignity,
    Strong in millennia of praise,
    In rustic simplicity.
  2. We may not take the noble bread of souls
    In coldness or hostility
    Nor may we drink the sacred wine of life
    In languor or docility:
    But must forgive, regardless of events,
    In fullness and charity,
    And face the under-written sacrifice
    In freedom and clarity.
  3. Ultimate Sacrament of life through death,
    Familiar mystery,
    No rite has brought souls closer to their God
    In human history,
    Formed, fashioned and proclaimed by His own Son
    In selfless solidarity
    As the sure means to our eternal life,
    Bread of eternity.