Eucharistic Meditations

Thirty Three

  1. Your modest shrine awaits in penitence,
    Cleansed with Your blood and burnished with Your Grace,
    Stocked with the Spirit's grand inheritance,
    Lit by the tortured image of Your face:
    You have prepared me as Your humble home;
    O Saviour Jesus, welcome, quickly come.
  2. For in Your Sacrament You magnify,
    Building a temple of me for Your love
    That in Your glory I may glorify
    You within me, the world and heaven above:
    In You all guilt and rancour are released,
    I hear Your call and hasten to the feast.
  3. How can this hand that grasps, these eyes that lust,
    This tongue that lies, bear now to be so close?
    It is the mystery of sacred trust
    That ours is to repent, Yours to dispose
    Who dined with sinners, set the captives free,
    Release my soul, Dear Lord, and dine with me.
  4. No sustenance, no jewel, approximates
    To this one gift received at Your command,
    No victor at his greatest celebrates
    Such joy as I receive from Your bless'd hand
    Who, through Your priesthood, offered as Our Christ
    Is given back to us in Eucharist.