Eucharistic Meditations

Thirty Six

  1. Our God who blessed His Chosen People with a loving hand
    And promised faithful Abraham a rich and pleasant land;
    Now You have made a promise through the mission of Your Son
    To greet Your faithful people when our earthly toils are done.
  2. You saved Your Chosen People from their bondage and distress
    And bade them yearly stand to eat the lamb of faithfulness;
    Now we are rescued by The Lamb from sin and humbly kneel
    To share the Eucharist in faith, our sacrificial meal.
  3. You led Your Chosen People in the shape of smoke and fire,
    Commanding them to keep Your Laws above their own desire;
    Now Jesus leads us from the Tomb, shaped in the bread and wine,
    Commanding love and selflessness to share in the divine.