Eucharistic Meditations

Twenty Nine

  1. Never was flesh more sacred,
    Never was flesh so torn
    As that of My dear Master
    Who suffered scourge and scorn:
    Freed from our three dimensions,
    Borne through the Holy Ghost,
    Clothed in the simple garment
    Of the uplifted Host.
  2. Never was blood more precious,
    Never was blood so pure
    As that of My dear Saviour
    Given forevermore:
    Sparkling in golden splendour
    Dancing with power and light,
    Offered in glad repentance,
    Offered in sad delight.
  3. Never was gift so perfect,
    Never was gift so fine
    As God's dear son exalted,
    Alive in bread and wine:
    Blessed be the joyful sorrow,
    Blessed be the livening pain,
    Blessed be the glorious fusion
    Of mystery and mundane.