Eucharistic Meditations


  1. Of all the virtues that Your life reflected,
    The one that we most prize is selfless love;
    Those saving acts, continuously rejected
    But which we celebrate, our love to prove:
    From all we know
    Such as we strive to do
    May be called love
    When it is meant for You.
  2. Our human love is transient consolation
    As we await our share in the divine
    Which we must nurture in anticipation,
    Strengthen, protect, enliven and refine:
    And who are we
    Proudly to set at nought
    The human meaning
    Of the love You brought?
  3. The love we share in ecstasy and wonder,
    In fitful acts and patient selflessness
    Bring passion to Your Eucharistic splendour,
    Our Sacrament of unity and bliss:
    That cruel device,
    Dividing love from love
    Threatens the priceless fabric that you wove.