Eucharistic Meditations


  1. Noblest of Sacraments
    Beyond compare
    And wit of human telling,
    Yet the material
    Of our repair
    But in such humble dwelling
    As my poor soul whose weakness set the price
    Of God's abiding love through sacrifice.
  2. Harshest of punishments
    Suffered for me
    Whose recompense is stumbling,
    Yet it was countenanced
    In humility
    Such that its words are humbling
    To us who caused but celebrate the Cross,
    Whose lot appeared to be eternal loss.
  3. Basest of accidents,
    The bread and wine
    Your Sacred Body veiling,
    Human accomplishments
    Being made divine
    Confirm the pact prevailing:
    The sacred sequel of the Incarnation
    Is Jesu's Eucharistic declaration.