Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Ash Wednesday Hymns

i. Introit - Distant Easter Light

  1. We bow almost in gladness to the ash
    Which leads by days of penitence to palm:
    The structure of the forty days that pass
    Protecting pilgrims from the Devil's harm.
  2. And yet the sorrow of this gloom steeped night
    Marks out the way for our still Wintry gaze:
    At last we see the distant Easter light
    And measure time until we feel its rays.

ii. Gradual - Lenten Silence

  1. My God I stand before Your throne,
    Filled with the penitence of ash
    To cease from things that I have done
    To put Your Son beneath the lash.
  2. The palm from which the ash was made,
    The symbol of a fickle crowd,
    Reminds me how our ardours fade
    Not least where we proclaim most loud.
  3. May Lenten silence be my guard
    Against unruly piety,
    For even if I find this hard
    It offers what You want of me.

iii. Offertory - My Heart

  1. Jeus, take my heart
    For it is all Your own,
    The heart that wandered far
    Now stands before Your throne
    In penitence renewed
    That I may see Your face,
    Yet all has come about
    Through Your abiding Grace.
  2. Jesus, break my heart
    And put it back again
    More like the heart that bled
    When You were cruelly slain
    By sins my heart composed
    Or at the least ignored,
    Which watched with distant gaze
    As blood was meekly poured.
  3. Jesus, bind my heart,
    That You have kindly broke,
    With penitence and prayer,
    And through the love I speak:
    That love is warm but sad
    In Lenten garments dressed
    That it may quietly live
    Within Your sacred breast.

iv. Communion - Dust

  1. Dust from Your hands is dust indeed,
    Fitted by You for what we need,
    Fitted for love, though often weak
    When we fall short of what You seek.
  2. Dust from Your hands is dust unknown
    When sprinkled from Your heavenly throne,
    Yet sprinkled on this doubtful earth
    To show in flesh Your sacred worth.
  3. Dust from Your hands makes us divine,
    Partaking in the bread and wine,
    Partaking in Your very self
    Where we will find unending wealth.
  4. Dust from Your hands to dust returns
    But where it rests a fire burns,
    A fire burns to witness You
    As source of love, divine and true.

v. Anthem - Moon Dust Not Star

A. We, pocked and smoothed like weathered stone,
Erroded by the wind and rain,
Stand dull and lychened in the grass
Low monuments upon the plain.

B. For we of Adam, earthly sojourning
Accept our humble state born of a loving King:
Not ours the dazzling garb of righteousness
But myriad tiny moons lit by the sun's brightness:

C. In hope and love we shine,
Alight with faith,
Not with presumption of a Heaven secured
By who we are;
We are moon's dust not star:

A. We, scorched without but cleansed within,
Seared with the Spirit's searching fire,
Shine bright and etched against the sky,
Earth's monuments of Heaven's desire.

vi. Recessional - Beckoning

  1. On this first solemn night of Lent,
    We leave in quiet love of Thee,
    Resolved to take the pilgrim road
    In reverence and humility.
  2. Our banners have been furled and wrapped,
    Our trumpets have been swathed and stowed,
    For this grim stretch of twists and turns
    We will stay quiet on the road.
  3. When darkness at its most intense
    Appears to bring eternal night,
    Then is the time better to see
    The beckoning of the Easter Light.