Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Who is this King?

  1. Who is this King who reigns sad and alone,
    No courtiers at His side to dance and play?
    What is the meaning of this sad rebuke
    That those who sleep were called to watch and pray?
    Who are these soldiers with their clubs and swords
    Who put to flight His ragged band of lords?
  2. I hear the lash upon his naked back,
    The score of pain above the ribald jeers,
    I see the plaited thorns that twist and crack
    But then my eyes are blinded by His tears:
    What great injustice could have brought such grief
    To one who preached forgiveness and belief?
  3. I see my failure every time He falls,
    I gamble for His love in empty dice,
    I turn my back in horror when He calls,
    Having struck home my nails of avarice:
    If not a party to such infamy
    Instead of acting, I simply stood by.
  4. He is My King, enthroned within my heart,
    His triumph won, my loving Saviour reigns;
    And what He suffered means we will not part
    For from His fatal loss I count the gains:
    But in His triumph I still feel the pain
    Of what he suffered that His love might reign.