Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Resurrexit Jesus

  1. No hands but ours to wash the beggar's feet
    Or offer You again in sacrifice;
    No witness at Your Cross if we retreat,
    Nor joyful proclamation when You rise:
    Those feet disciples never washed were pierced,
    As were those hands that broke the sacred bread;
    Should we not, heirs of what Your life proclaimed,
    Save You from further wounds through which You bled?
  2. No words but ours to worship and to praise,
    No love returned to You but of Your Grace;
    No hearth in which the Spirit's fire may blaze
    Nor face but ours to represent Your face:
    In which responsibility we bear
    A burden greater than the common lot
    For we, assailed by suffering, must share
    Your Risen self with those who know You not.