Ash Wednesday to Pentecost


  1. We lack the courage to condemn alone
    But test the wind and water, wait and see;
    The warrants that we sign leave us unknown;
    Our backs, not weapons, are our infamy.
  2. More apt to silence than to chant abuse,
    More prone to cowardice than disrespect,
    Our courage atrophies through lack of use,
    We bargain self-respect to keep respect.
  3. Our weakness is not power but compromise;
    Faced with the Pharisees we would rather trim;
    Far from being extreme, we would devise
    A package of half measures to save Him.
  4. So as the donkey passes on its way
    We must resist its sentimental charm,
    More resolute to serve and watch and pray,
    More conscious that indifference causes harm.
  5. Lord Jesus, riding into hurt and hate,
    Remind us of the sin that sent You there
    That we may prayerfully reciprocate
    Our human care for Your redeeming care.