Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

The Spirit's Endless Flame

  1. O that the Spirit's endless flame of love
    Might sear its way into my muddled heart;
    I am not hostile nor indifferent
    But fail to notice when we drift apart.
  2. So may it blaze and over-run so fast
    That I am captured in love's victory,
    And taught anew of gratitude for Christ
    Whose messenger the Spirit is to me.
  3. And may I have my share of joy and pain
    For, lacking either, love is bound to fail:
    Suffering alone will stultify new growth
    But joy unbounded is a comet's tail.
  4. So I must weep that I have made a Cross
    And laugh that it was overcome for me;
    And, feeling both, compare my lot with His
    That I may recognise love's mystery.
  5. So, for The Father, may The Spirit blaze
    And, for The Son, bring brotherhood and peace;
    And of itself bring comfort and resolve
    That prayer and adoration may increase.