Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Eucharist and Resurrection

  1. Sad in repose on that most fateful night,
    God all in bread the day His blood was shed,
    The Eucharist now shines in Paschal light;
    Washed in our Vows' renewal we are fed:
    From fall to Resurrection we are brought
    And now in Eucharist our hope is caught. Alleluia.
  2. Gone is the Passion's pain, the Vigil's wound,
    The emptiness of waiting for the spark,
    The Proclamation rings with hope unbound,
    In church and soul light overcomes the dark:
    We have our Easter in that we bore Lent
    And all is framed within The Sacrament. Alleluia.
  3. On that last evening of our Saviour's trial
    And on the evening when He rose again,
    He broke the bread and gave it for us all
    That we might share the triumph of His reign:
    And until then that Eucharist sustains
    The hope that every Eastertide proclaims. Alleluia.