Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Sacred Candles

  1. Sometimes from nowhere we receive a jolt
    Which changes our direction, makes a mark,
    Helps to restore construction from revolt,
    Cuts through depression, comforting yet stark.
  2. After Our Lord had died his followers wept;
    He rose again, appeared, then rose to Heaven,
    Confused, they could not see that he had kept
    The promises He had so often given.
  3. Then as they waited, paralysed with fear,
    The Holy Spirit jolted them to preach;
    Uncertainty was gone, each promise clear,
    They taught as they had often heard Him teach.
  4. The Spirit is God's electricity
    Which causes everything to live and move.
    It is the charge that causes us to be
    The sacred candles of eternal love.