Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Fast as my Courage Ebbs

  1. Fast as my courage ebbs before the storm,
    The Spirit's onward rush is faster still,
    No wind so bitter I will not be warm,
    No cause so lost His hope cannot instill.
  2. High as the pyre of indignation burns,
    The Spirit's blaze outshines all human boast,
    Searing God's mark on all earthly concerns,
    Turning to ash the things we value most.
  3. Wide as the universe of time and space,
    The spirit's love spans regions wider yet,
    Bearer beyond all graces of God's Grace,
    Prize of all souls that reach beyond regret.
  4. Blaze, Holy Spirit, deep within my heart
    That it may be a furnace of Your power,
    Engaged for You, not placid and apart,
    A fount of molten love, a heavenly shower.