Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Light Years

  1. All grieving is past, the tomb opened wide
    Seems light years away from the wound in His side;
    But He was victorious by virtue of loss,
    His graveclothes picked out with the Sign of the Cross.
  2. Compared with His pain, our trials are small
    But coloured by guilt that our sin was His haul;
    Yet now He is risen our souls dare to sing
    Locked into salvation by His suffering.
  3. Where guilt is a trap the penitent treads
    A pathway to God where His son intercedes;
    And because our own acts are unfit for reward
    We thank our Creator for Jeus Our Lord.
  4. All Glory to God whose infinite reign
    Translates in His Son who is risen again:
    And praise to the Spirit, incarnator and heir
    Of Jesus Our Saviour; Sing Alleluia.