Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

The Spirit of the Cross

  1. The Cross of triumph shines above
    The lurid, sybaritic street,
    Its outline driven by the glare
    Towards oblivious defeat:
    But we will not admit such loss
    When we are fixed upon the Cross.
  2. Seen brightest when the times are hard,
    Dimmed when the world enjoys its ease,
    A goad when pleasure takes command,
    A comfort when we seek release:
    But we will lose all we have gained
    Unless our suffering is sustained.
  3. As it is easier to park
    A Mini than a limousine,
    Help us to modify our tastes
    So that the Cross is easier seen:
    But as Your sacrifice reveals
    Show us what luxury conceals.
  4. Blaze on, as Moses feared Your blaze,
    Consume the shame of Calvary,
    Triumphant, blaze against the glare
    Concealing earthly misery:
    But though the Cross is our relief
    Keep it our burden and our grief.
  5. I feel the Father's loving gaze,
    I see the Son upon the Cross,
    I quicken with the Spirit's blaze
    Of sanctifying Grace for us:
    But at collective Calvary
    Reserve a lonely place for me.