Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

I Often Falter, I Often Fail

  1. I often falter, I often fail,
    Even when I know The Lord is with me;
    I keep on calculating if He will prevail
    In spite of everything that He has told me:
    His love is limitless as My God and My King,
    But His love is such a difficult thing.
  2. But then I see Jesus, the love and the pain
    And how with gentle words He taught me,
    And what he promised again and again,
    And how He kept His word and brought me:
    His love is so gentle, His love is so strong,
    It's hard to know how I return this love with wrong.
  3. And when I am lonely, all guilty and sad,
    Ashamed to face my sins completely,
    As soon as I turn I see a face that is glad,
    As He opens His arms to greet me:
    And in that moment, so infinitely sweet
    I know His love for me has put me at His feet.