Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Only in Our Head

  1. If Jesus is risen only in our head,
    A light of hope, a sparkling metaphor;
    What of the man who rose up from the dead
    And walked His much loved Galilean shore?
    If we should see this purely from within,
    A formula but not the risen Christ,
    We would be left, compounding our own sin,
    Denying Grace born of His bloody tryst.
  2. For to have risen only in our heart,
    Would leave Him in the darkness of the grave,
    And no command of eisegetic art
    Could show His mission was to die, then save.
    For dying of itself would be to fail,
    To counter all the promises He made,
    A travesty of how He would prevail,
    The death of glory if He were still dead.