Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

The New Spark

  1. The new spark struggles in the fretting wind,
    The fire gleams through the smoke to bring new light,
    The Paschal Candle, now in Church enshrined,
    With Alleluias leads the Easter rite:
    But we are saved through Eden and 'The Fall',
    The Passover and Pharaoh in the sea,
    And most in earthly witness to His call
    Who rose again that died on Calvary.
  2. The symbols are an ornament to Grace
    - Not Grace itself - a metaphor for life;
    And Grace arises from the time and place
    Where Jesus rose and conquered earthly grief:
    No matter what our feeling and desire,
    Without the Resurrection Christ must fall;
    The soul within, lit by the sacred fire,
    Burns only since He rose to save us all.