Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

Turn Out, Turn Out

  1. Turn out, turn out those wasted days
    Where I did not seek God upon His throne,
    When in my thin and frightened ways
    I fancied myself helpless and alone
    As if such glory could not reach to me
    Who am the subject of its Majesty.
  2. Carry aloft the golden Cross
    Which resurrection wove into the white
    Of grave clothes left to show this loss
    Had set at nought all previous defeats:
    Sing loud the song of heavenly hope restored
    In worship of our ever Risen Lord.
  3. Walk on, walk on the stoney road
    But do not dread the hardness of the way,
    For it will lead you to Emmaus
    And Eucharist to crown a weary day:
    Turn out, turn out those wasted days for all
    Your searching has been answered in His call.