Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

The Love You Showed

  1. The love You showed at Calvary is love here still today
    Although the pain and history seem to be far away;
    The trials of suburban life, of work and neighbourhood,
    Hardly seem fitting subjects for the shedding of Your blood.
  2. And yet behind the bland facade our turmoils are extreme,
    Of how we can transform our lives to match the things we dream;
    Of how we can resist the urge to cross the moral line
    Or move the line itself because we hate it to confine.
  3. But, most of all, we need Your love expressed in its wild grace
    Because it lifts us up to being a moral, loving race;
    And, as You gave Your human life that we might live in You,
    Our love returned with all our heart is human and is true.