Ash Wednesday to Pentecost


  1. O Holy Spirit, blaze in my poor heart,
    Suffuse my flesh with flame, my blood with grace,
    That I may prosper in my humble art
    To stand before the Father's radiant face:
    The fear of wrath recalls me to my duty,
    The words of Jesus melt me to the core;
    But Your sustaining fire must never leave me
    Or I shall never reach the farther shore.
  2. O Holy dove assuage our chronic wrong,
    Our selfishness is bold, our love is weak,
    And make our prayers as gentle in the song
    As he whose hope and charity we seek:
    Though faith is easy standing at the altar
    It ebbs in the sad reckonings of night;
    Without your torch our steps would surely falter,
    And we would be denied the greater light.
  3. O Holy love that dances all around us,
    O holy tongues that speak from deep within,
    O holy Melody of never ending
    Joy softening the misery of sin:
    Illuminate our tribute to the Father,
    Transform our mean commitment to the Son;
    Stir up afresh the sacred fire within us
    O Holy Spirit, blessed be three in one. Amen.