Ash Wednesday to Pentecost

He Came Not Perfect

  1. He came not perfect, with angelic grace,
    All marks of pain subsumed in Heavenly pride,
    But with a ghostly sadness in His face,
    Wounds throbbing in His Hands and feet and side:
    For, after death had sealed His victory,
    He knew that He would still face disbelief;
    Unsure of what He said, Thomas must see,
    Less trusting than the doomed, repentant thief.
  2. Yet we within this Church two thousand years,
    With witness from Your Martyrs and Your Saints,
    The Spirit's counsel to assuage our fears,
    Still feel to labour under sore constraints:
    The Christ that is arisen stands apart,
    The best loved story we have ever heard
    But He has not arisen in our hearts
    But lives through words that cannot be The Word.