General (Vol. 3)

Hymn for the Abandoned

  1. Lord, more than ever at this mourning time,
    Protect those who have had no thought for Thee,
    Extending Thy unbounded love to claim
    Those who have turned their backs so thoughtlessly:
    Bless those who hated but would not repent
    But, most of all, bless the indifferent.
  2. We who love Thee, though loving less than fair,
    Live in the constant shadow of The Cross,
    Feel wonder at the Spirit's gracious fire
    And, in The Eucharist, lose all our loss,
    Beg mercy for Thy creatures who, deprived,
    Portrayed unknown Thy image when they lived.
  3. In praying for the bounty of Thy Grace
    We humbly admit that we have failed
    To be Thy witness, speaking with Thy voice
    When, if we had, Thy will would have prevailed:
    Then bless us with the strength to persevere
    In leading lost sheep to Thy presence dear.