General (Vol. 3)

When Iseael Wept

  1. When Israel wept in exile at the riverside,
    It felt its sin, its cold unfaithfulness;
    Its God always in words and somehow immanent
    With love so fierce it could not sooth distress:
    And so redemption was not wrought through royal command
    But by God's Son who trod our sinful land.
  2. Thus when I sit in exile at the water's edge,
    Alone and sinful, feeling far from Grace,
    I see The Star and Cross, the deadly stone rolled back
    And have a sense of voice, a living place:

         I feel forgiveness coursing through my withered veins,
         A love that glows, a presence that remains.

  3. Sweet Jesus never leaves me at the torrent's brink
    And speaks to me in ways I understand;
    His love is gentle and his words are comforting
    When set beside the rigours of command:
    And through Him I can comprehend the Father's love,
    And feel the Spirit sent down from above.