General (Vol. 3)

Faith in Uncertainty

  1. Lord, as we travel life's uncertain road,
    With all its dangers and attendant grief,
    May we have faith that You will share our load
    And be our comforter and sweet relief:
    Without You we are lost in what we feel,
    With You our courage matches our ordeal.
  2. We do not ask to know the journey's end
    Nor how Your love will reach its final state,
    Nor go unscathed in what we must defend
    Nor be exempt from sorrow, scars nor hate:
    The Cross is such a noble guarantee
    That we gain hope, not doubt, from mystery.
  3. And when the final goal is in our sight
    And love shines forth in ever clearer rays,
    May we be pleased that we watched through the night
    And braved the trials of bewildering days:
    Till then our faith will nurture and sustain
    Us through the earthly troubles that remain.