General (Vol. 3)

Clear as the Starry Skies

  1. Clear as the starry skies,
    Bright as the morning sun,
    Let majesty arise,
    Proclaim the Holy One:
    Death shall not cloud our heart
    Nor hardship breed distress,
    For we are set apart
    In love and righteousness.
  2. Yet that ennobled state,
    Faith anchored, vision clear,
    Is not a gift of fate
    From an incanting seer:
    The clarity of love
    Derives from sacrifice,
    From one sent down to save
    Us at an awful price.
  3. Then let the firmament
    Shine with a power immense
    Not prudent government
    But sacred innocence:
    The stars that grace the night,
    The sun that heralds dawn,
    Are at once infinite
    And a humble infant born.