General (Vol. 3)

Unblemished Lamb

  1. Unblemished lamb, who takes away our sin
    Turning our jaded thoughts to pastures new;
    Giving the pilgrim courage to begin
    and Grace to see the arduous journey through:
    We think in metaphors to make Him real
    But He gave You the power to reveal.
  2. Unblemished lamb, whose mercy is complete,
    Grace our mean temples with Your sojourning;
    Help us to rally when we sense defeat
    And be Your worthy hosts in welcoming:
    We use mean words to sense The Father's power
    But You translated the oracular.
  3. Unblemished Lamb, the source of all our peace,
    Patron of concord and true brotherhood,
    May our recalcitrant rebellion cease
    And find forgiveness in Your cleansing blood:
    What Prophets intimated You fulfilled,
    By giving endless life when You were killed.